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Day trips and workshops for all fish

What exactly do we do?

We offer fishing day trips and workshops fishing on predators on 't IJ in Amsterdam. Under the guidance of a licensed fishing guide.

Visgids keurmerk

What does a fishing day look like?

A day of fishing or a workshop lasts 7 hours, but there is also the possibility to go fishing a half day (4 hours). We have a spacious and practical fishing boat, where four passengers can join.

Where do we fish?

A Day Fishing sails in and around Amsterdam. We fish in 't IJ, the North Sea Canal and the Nieuwe Meer.

For what occasions is A Day Fishing appropriate?

For your corporate event, with team building, out fishing with the family, as a tourist or just for fun if you like to fish, you can booko at A Day Fishing.

My motive

My name is Ruud. Since my childhood, fishing is an essential part of my life. It has always been there, and was naturally my biggest hobby.

I love to share this passion with others. In 2009, I put the first steps to set up my own business "A Day Fishing".

Since 2014 A Days Fishing is alive and kicking!

Pikeperch and other fish

Fishing on the pikeperch (walleye)

The waters of Amsterdam are filled with beautiful pikeperch, pike and perch.

The pikeperch (or walleye) is taken around 1900 by the Germans from Asia, and from the Rhine, the fish swam to the Netherlands. The perch feels at ease in Amsterdam. Thus Amsterdam the Mecca of pikeperch.

Other fish and waters

April and May

From 1 April to the last Saturday in May we fish on walleye and predator fish using worms as bait.

The fish is put back 

Catch and release. The fish caught after taking a picture is put back in the water alive. Here is no exception possible.

Supplies for a fishing trip

During a day of fishing, it is important that you are dressed warmly and that you are carrying a lunch. A fish pass is required and is available on board. 

We can moor at a deli, but there is less time to fish. In concert we can eat and drink for your care, on board or ashore. 

Coffee, tea and biscuits we have on board.

Fishing rods and equipment 

Our fishing rods are an Abu Garcia Veritas, Next Generation.

And our fishing reels are Shimano, the Exage 1000FD.

What is a typical workshop or fishing trip out?

A standard workshop or fishing trip takes about eight hours. During this workshop the basic techniques of vertical and drop shot fishing are explained and practiced. You can decide whether you want to quit before. 

You step on a prearranged place. The place where you left is generally also the place where you go ashore. 

We start with a brief explanation of the use of fishing equipment, fishing techniques and on how to deal with the stuff.

Book your pleasant day of fishing! 

Price of an 7 hour day

Number of persons Price in Euros
1 150
2 200
3 250
4 300

Book by e-mail to info@adayfishing.com


Call to book to +31(0)683 711 811

Price of a 4 hour day

Number of persons Price in Euros
1 100
2 135
3 170
4 205


Along with other passengers?

Je kan je laten indelen met andere passagiers. Als je niet alleen op pad wil, neem dan contact op met Dagje Vissen. Dan kijken we of jouw dagje vissen gecombineerd kan worden met het dagje vissen van iemand anders.

The fish pass

The fish pass is required by law. Do not have a fish pass? On board you can buy a three-day fishing pass for 15 Euro.

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